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Commercial Security Services in Los Angeles

Big Guys Agency is your reliable partner for commercial security guard services in the Los Angeles area. We provide modified security solutions for businesses of all sizes, focusing on the safekeeping of your property and staff. Our security guards work across various sectors such as commercial and residential infrastructures, hospitals, event spaces, convention centers, retail establishments, and construction zones. We are known for our dependability and expertise in handling large-scale events, red carpets, and private gatherings.


What Our Commercial Security Guards Can Do for You?

  • Building and Asset Protection: Our guards actively monitor through security surveillance systems and regular rounds, protecting your property and equipment. Their vigilance helps prevent crimes such as theft and vandalism, maintaining a secure surroundings.


  • Access Control: We meticulously control entry and exit points, ensuring all guests are tracked for enhanced security. This system contributes to overall workplace orderliness and discipline.

  • Active Monitoring: Extremely knowledgeable to recognize suspicious activities swiftly, our team is efficient in resolving security issues, thereby enhancing the safety of everyone.


  • Customer Service: Beyond security, our guards render professional assistance, helping visitors navigate the premises of your business or event safely and courteously, which enhances the overall environment and customer experience.


  • Emergency Response and Incident Management: Our security personnel are prepared to respond immediately to any emergency, enforcing laws and rules to maintain order. They are qualified to report incidents comprehensively, manage crowd control, and assist during evacuations. Their presence ensures regular patrolling and vigilant monitoring, including managing access to all building exits and checking alarm systems.
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Los Angeles Commercial Security Service Areas

Our business security guards are employed to protect businesses and commercial properties. They undergo extensive training to protect everything within and surrounding the premises. Their role involves a comprehensive approach to securing the people, the building, and adjacent locations through various methods.

BGA provides security services for a range of commercial properties:

Why Choose Big Guys Agency’s Commercial Security Services?

Commercial security guards can be hired anywhere in Los Angeles. At BGA, we offer more than just standard security; our guards are seasoned professionals with over a decade of experience serving a diverse clientele nationwide. We do cost-effective security solutions tailored to meet the individual requirements of each client.


  • Custom Security Plans: We develop personalized security strategies to meet the specific needs of your business and industry.

  • Trained and Experienced Guards: Our security guards are rigorously prepared and possess years of experience in addressing various security challenges effectively.

  • 24/7 Surveillance and Support: We ensure comprehensive security coverage with round-the-clock surveillance, featuring video monitoring and on-call patrols.

  • Advanced Technology: Our services include the integration of cutting-edge commercial security systems Los Angeles and modern communication tools to assure efficient monitoring and quick incident response.
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Get Started With Commercial Security Services

Ascertain the safety of your business by contacting our Los Angeles security company to learn how our commercial building security in Southern California can be customized to your unique requirements. Our team of seasoned professionals will give you top-notch, unarmed security solutions to safeguard your facilities, assets, and operations. With our expertise in guarding properties, you can have confidence that your Los Angeles business is under competent protection.