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Unarmed Security Guard Services in Los Angeles

We’re available 24/7 to provide superior unarmed security guard services in Los Angeles. Our wide range of services includes unarmed and armed security guards, bodyguards, vehicle patrol, fire watch and professional fire watch guards to protect what matters most to you. Contact us today to secure your business, event, or property.

Unarmed Security guard

Trained Unarmed Event Security Services in Los Angeles

The need for unarmed and armed security guards in the Los Angeles, California area has grown as businesses and individuals increasingly recognize the importance of protection. Our guards excel in safeguarding corporate offices, overseeing secure transportation, and enhancing security at special events. Whether your concern is corporate safety, individual protection, or valuable asset security, our trained professionals are ready to ensure peace of mind.


With extensive training, tested expertise, and a strong physical stature, our guards exhibit professionalism and composure across different environments. The benefits of choosing the unarmed security officers of our security company include reduced crime risks and customizable security plans suited for both brief and extended assignments. Each security strategy is carefully aligned with our client’s specific needs, guaranteeing a comprehensive, adaptable protection.


Roles of Our Unarmed Security Guards

  • Monitoring and Reporting: Our guards closely monitor your premises, quickly identifying and addressing any issues to minimize threats. They maintain detailed logs and daily activity reports, and  provide regular reports to enhance security measures continually.


  • First-Response Coordination: Our team assists emergency personnel in scenarios like health crises or fires, acting in an instant to provide initial support until specialized help arrives.


  • Routine Supervision: Our guards manage the opening and closing of business premises, address maintenance issues like defective locks or doors left open, and perform regular patrols to ensure security.


  • Crowd Control and Conflict Resolution: During large events, our security personnel use communication techniques to uphold order and resolve conflicts.


  • Access Control: We ensure only authorized individuals enter sensitive areas, enforcing security procedures for access points  by verifying credentials, managing entrances, and monitoring visitors to prevent unauthorized access.
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Benefits of Hiring Unarmed Security Guards

From reducing overall crime to handling specific threats, unarmed security guards offer adapted safety strategies. Protect yourself, your guests, and your assets efficiently while keeping focus on what means the most. We offer temporary and prolonged duration projects, delivering a customized security that suits your requirements.


With BGA, you can be confident that all aspects of your safety are managed effectively and with a high level of skill. Our security specialists are well-trained to handle different situations, providing proactive protection that fits the specific needs of your lifestyle or profession. We prioritize  on maintaining your safety, so you can concentrate on your daily responsibilities without worrying about security pitfalls.

VIP Security in Los Angeles

VIP guests deserve exclusive protection. Our unarmed guards, skilled in assessing situations and minimizing exposures, will fulfill the expectations of artists, politicians, and other prominent figures while adhering to strict protocols to ensure safety.


We work closely with you to understand your specific security needs and develop a perfect security plan that aligns with those requirements. Our goal is to provide you with security tactics that are not only effective but also unobtrusive, minimizing disruption to your normal activities while maximizing your safety. Whether you’re at work, at an event, or traveling, our guards are vigilant and primed to respond to any situation. This approach to security not only protects you but also contributes to a safer environment for everyone around you.



Why Choose Big Guys Agency’s Unarmed Security Guard in Los Angeles

    • Highly Trained Personnel: Our unarmed guards receive rigorous training, ensuring that they are well-prepared to handle any situation with composure and professionalism.

    • Proven Expertise: With extensive experience managing security for a diverse array of events and properties, we consistently deliver top-tier protection tailored to our clients’ unique needs.

    • Physical Presence: Our guards are tall, muscular, and possess a commanding demeanor, providing a visible and authoritative charisma that deters potential threats.

    • Adaptability: We cater to a variety of environments, from corporate offices to special events, offering broad coverage across the Los Angeles area.

  • Client-Focused Solutions: Each security plan is customized to align with your specific requirements, showcasing flexibility and reliability.
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Get Started With Security Guard Services in Los Angeles

Contact us now to discover how our professional unarmed security guard services in California can be customized to meet your specific needs. Our security company will provide top-notch security for your personnel, facilities, and valuables