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Security Guard Services in Los Angeles

We offer dependable security services in Los Angeles, including professional armed and unarmed security guards, events private security, residential and retail security, fire watch security, area supervision, and talent management services, all priding ourselves on our commitment to safety and excellence.

Our Services


Highly trained professionals licensed to carry firearms, providing enhanced security for high-risk environments. Feel the commanding presence of our elite security team, allowing you and your staff to operate with confidence, knowing your clients, assets, and bottom line are in capable hands.


Skilled security officers equipped with advanced training to maintain peace and ensure protection without the use of firearms. With extensive training, tested expertise, and a strong physical stature, our guards exhibit professionalism and composure across different environments. 


From corporate gatherings to private functions, our special events guards are well-versed in managing crowds, VIPs, and any unexpected scenarios. Our event security guards based in Los Angeles, California are specially educated to handle diverse security scenarios. 


Comprehensive protection for your commercial property. Our security guards work across various sectors such as commercial infrastructures, hospitals, event spaces, convention centers, retail establishments, and construction zones. We are known for our dependability in handling large-scale events, red carpets, and private gatherings.


BGA prides itself on reliable security services, including armed security guards and unarmed security guards, home and retail security, patrolling and area supervision services, and more. We have provided professionally trained and highly experienced security personnel, off duty officers, armed patrol officers, VIP protection, and bodyguards for a variety of business and individual needs.

private home security watching over property

Protect your property with patrols, access control, and surveillance. Our team ensures that your community remains secure and comfortable.  Our highly trained security professionals are committed to offering customizable protection and security patrol services to meet your unique Los Angeles private security needs.


Personalized protection for VIPs and executives. Our discreet guard company ensure that high-profile individuals can go about their daily activities safely. As one of the leading security companies in Southern California, we provide executive security services customized to the needs of high-profile people. 


Minimize theft and unauthorized access at your Los Angeles construction sites with round-the-clock rounds. Employing construction site security guards in Los Angeles not only prevents significant damage to your structure and materials but also helps avoid project delays.


Our mobile patrol units actively monitor your property to detect and deter suspicious movements, including vandalism, theft, or safety-related incidents. Our trained officers patrol in marked vehicles when your business is closed, and if criminal activity is detected, we immediately alert local law enforcement through our 24-hour dispatch service.

los angeles private security guard watching over guests

Why Choose Our Professional Security Guard Services in Los Angeles

      • Experienced and Trained Guards: Every guard undergoes rigorous training, equipping them to handle different security situations effectively.

      • Customizable Security Plans: We tailor our services to satisfy your specific needs.

      • 24/7 Support: Our customer support team is available around the clock to address any queries or emergencies.

      • State-of-the-Art Technology: From security systems to communication equipment, we employ the latest technology to enhance our security services.

      • Licensed and Insured: We adhere to all state regulations, and our guards are licensed and fully insured.

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Short or long-term nationwide security guards services that are reliable, affordable, and carefully tailored to your particular needs and circumstances.


Get Started With Security Guard Services in Los Angeles

Strengthen the security of your premises by contacting LA’s premier guard company — Big Guys Agency to explore how our customized security guard services in Los Angeles can be customized to fulfill your unique requirements. Our experienced security guard company will provide top-notch, unarmed guard services to protect your personnel, property, and assets within the Los Angeles area. With our years of experience in securing various facilities, you can trust that your Los Angeles location will be under vigilant watch, giving you confidence and peace of mind.